January 2012



Access to Marina Facilities is limited to owners, tenants and their guests.† Use of facilities by occupants of watercraft not moored in the Marina is prohibited.† No offensive activity (i.e., illegal activities, loud boisterous voices, drunkenness, etc.) is allowed anywhere in the Marina.† Quiet hours in the Marina are 9pm to 8am.


Proper Registration & Proof of Sufficient Insurance is required of every watercraft moored at the Marina.† Proper registration is deemed to be valid identification and numbers permanently affixed to the hull and clearly visible from the outside (i.e., current WA state registration decal or current out-of-state/foreign registration). Sufficient insurance is deemed to be Protection & Indemnity in the amount of at least $500,000.† Proof of sufficient insurance shall be delivered to the Marina manager.


Use of Moorage Slips is solely for the moorage of watercraft. No houseboat or similar type vessel may be moored in the Marina.† No watercraft may be moored in any slip if:† 1) any part of the watercraft and/or other attachments extends beyond the roller bumpers mounted at the end of the slipís finger pier; and if: 2) the beam exceeds the surveyed width of the slip less one and one-half feet.† However, bowsprits may overhang the main dock up to three feet.


Dinghies may not be kept on the finger or adjacent walkways without prior written permission from the Marina manager.† If the dinghy is small enough it may be kept in the water ahead of the vessel as long as it does not interfere with neighboring vessels.†


Maintenance of Slips and common elements (Marina tram, tram cart, walkways, stairs, parking areas, driveways, piers, dock boxes, water hook-ups, pump-outs, trash bins, etc.) is the responsibility of all owners and tenants.† Maintenance shall result in a well-maintained, clean, orderly and safe condition and shall encompass the use of Best Management Practices.† All common elements are to be used solely for normal ingress and egress and nothing shall be placed thereon which may hinder or obstruct such use.† No common element may be used for storing materials, tools or litter of any kind except as provided by the Marina for the benefit of all owners and/or tenants.† Neither owners nor tenants may repair or alter any marina property.† Use of power tools in the Marina is allowed only between the hours of 8am to 5pm.†


Maintenance of Watercraft.† It is every ownerís and tenantís responsibility to maintain his/her watercraft in a neat, orderly and safe manner. Watercraft maintenance shall be limited to routine, short-term maintenance only (no rebuilds, etc.) and must not be disruptive to others in the Marina (no fumes, dirt, dust, noise, and/or damage to Marina property and/or neighboring slips).† Spray painting is not allowed within the Marina. Use of power tools in the Marina is allowed only between the hours of 8am to 5pm.


Pump-Out facilities are located at the end of the main ramp with hook-up at each finger.†† It is the userís responsibility to operate the pump-out in a safe, proper manner and to return all equipment to its proper place after each use.† Any questions about proper use of the pump-out should be directed to the Marina manager.


Use of Vehicle Parking/Tram/Stairs/Dumpster shall be in accordance with any posted signage and/or published regulations.† All entry codes, combinations, key cards, etc. shall be held in strictest confidence. Required parking lot permits are available from the Marina Manager. Failure to comply with posted signage and/or published regulations may result in the offenderís loss of use of certain common elements, assessed fines, and/or eviction from the Marina.


Pets (cats and/or dogs) are allowed on the common elements only when in the company and full control of the owner. If a pet causes any disruption to the safety and/or the quiet use and enjoyment of the Marina by others, the Marina Manager shall inform the petís owner to immediately and permanently remove the pet from the Marina.


Monthly Rent is due on the same day of each month as determined by the Marina Manager.† No invoice will be issued for rent.† Late payments will be subject to a 10% late penalty. Marina tenants are not allowed to sublet their slips.


Metered Electricity for each slip shall be invoiced by the Marina on a regular basis and shall be payable and due per the terms of the invoice.† Late payments will be subject to a 10% late penalty.


Assessed Fines for each violation of Marina rules (posted and/or published) may be assessed in the amount of $100/month until the violation is both corrected and the fine is paid.† Owners are responsible for the conduct of their tenants and must insure that tenants are adhering to the Marina rules.



Grey Goose Landing Marina Manager:†††† Rick Thompson†† 360 317-5188††††††††